4 Things to Consider While Hiring Exterior House Painters

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4 Things to Consider While Hiring Exterior House Painters

Looking to improve the curb appeal of your exterior? There is nothing better than a quality paint job for that. 

Everyone wants a second look at the nicely painted, shiny exterior. But to have that privilege, you must hire experienced hands well versed in exterior house painting Auckland

Many people resort to DIYing the paint job without knowing the type of primer, base and quality of paint suited for their exterior. 

Not only that, but the paint job also includes various tools like different types of brushes, sandpapers and other machines. Professional painters generally keep those to help them give an exquisite finish to your exterior. 

Since we are discussing the significance of pro painters, let us also see some tips to find the best among them

The best price may not be the lowest.

Budget is an essential part of every home improvement project. People look for professionals who offer the lowest bid. 

But that is not always the best bid. You see, the lower a painter goes, the more compromise they make on the quality of material and labour. 

Best prices are ones that offer an optimum blend of quality of material, labour, price and time. Thus, don’t confuse the lowest with the best.

Do they have colour consultants in their team?

Professional painters, in most cases, have colour experts who can help you choose the best colour for your exterior. 

Their creative canvas allows them to put across various colour combinations considering the colour of your doors, downspouts, trim, moulding and shutters etc. 

They recommend colours based on the style of your home built. Where cottage-style homes look best in warm, bright colours, colonial-style homes look best in darker shades. 

So, ensure your painting professional has qualified colour consultants on their team. 

Do they provide test colouring?

Genuine painting professionals never shy away from giving you a glimpse of how your home’s exterior will look when it gets painted. 

They would colour the swatch on the exterior walls to show you how it will look in natural light. Also, remember that colours may look very different in artificial lights than in natural light.

Therefore, do not decide on a colour based on how it looks in your room; check it out under bright sunlight. 

Do they provide digital rendering before the project starts?

In the age of digitisation and AI, people like to look at the digital version of how the result will look.

That is why genuine painters provide a digital version of your newly painted house. The good news is that digital versions can be created with as many colours as you like to see your house in. 

So, do not hesitate to ask for a digital rendering of your home’s exterior. Most companies do not charge for that. 

Final Thoughts

A home’s exterior can impart a huge first impression on passers. A well-painted home exterior shows your commitment to cleanliness, hygiene and maintenance. 

Moreover, the resale value of such well-painted homes is often higher than that of ill-maintained homes.

So, contact a genuine exterior painter for a no-obligation quote. 

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