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Trusted Plasterers in Auckland

Quality interior plastering finish ensures a smooth canvas and exceptional results. That is why it should be done by expert professionals who have years of experience. It ensures the best possible results. At Smart Painters Auckland we have experts for both exterior plastering in Auckland and interior plastering in Auckland. They are highly qualified and skilled plasterers, so rest assured that your space will get the best looking results.

Do you need Gib stopping, skimming or other types of interior plastering in Auckland? “Smart Painters Auckland” specialises in GIB stopping in Aucklandfor builders and homeowners. Our team has been delivering excellent plastering and painting service to Auckland homes. Our GIB stopping, GIB fixing in Auckland or interior plastering starts on time, finishes on time. From plastering in Auckland to exterior painting in North Shore, we cover all. We are professional house painters available for your home renovations or commercial building in North Shore, Auckland, you can count upon.

As a full-service industrial and commercial painting company based in the North Shore / Auckland area, Smart Painters provides expert and timely painting services including drywall plastering repairs. If you are looking for professional and reliable drywall repair or painting services in North Shore and Auckland City, start with a detailed estimate from Painters by calling 021872088 or E-Mail:



Plastering is a means of creating solid, durable walls. It creates a firm and even surface for painting. Thus, it supports the wall from inside and creates a canvas for painting. So, when you decide for interior, exterior plaster, that means you want a surface that is smooth, clean and shines. This is only possible with top-notch plastering services from an experienced plasterer in Auckland. At Smart Painting, we have got the best plasterers in Auckland to cover your plastering needs.

We have highly skilled plasterers in the team having over 16 years of work experience. They have the knowledge and the skills to create the perfect plastering mixture. Our plasterer mixes the plastering compounds in accurate proportions so that it is thick enough to adhere and not light enough to slip over the walls. With us, you can be assured that not a single pack of plaster will be wasted. Because of our plastering knowledge and top-quality workmanship, we are the trusted plasterers in the North Shore, Auckland City.


Commercial buildings have to comply with strict building regulations, of which safety is the vital factor. Plaster falling off the walls or ceilings could be a danger to your employees or machines. Thus, you have to make sure that the building adheres to the set regulations. If you are facing issues with the plastering or want a new plaster job for the new build, then Smart Painting is here to help you.

We have a dedicated team of plasterers, project managers, crew members, foreman and best GIB stopper in Auckland. We start off by clearly understanding your requirements and then create an effective plan that meets your budget and time. Our skilled staff arrive on time, work as per the directions of the foreman and ensure that every plastering job meets your specific requirements. To ensure efficiency and quality, we bring state of the art tools and technologies to our job. And, you get all of this at a highly competitive price. So, start your commercial plastering project with dedicated plasters and GIB stoppers in West Auckland today.

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